About Us

An Ideal Place to visit

17 years since inception, we have established ourselves in the art of ceramic production and paintings. We have traveled to various parts of Kenya to paint murals for churches, hotels, school etc, and also export our products to countries abroad.

Our work has been known to satisfy our clients.

We have a shop in the ceramic center where you can view and purchase ready made items, and another retail center in Nanyuki town. We would like you to visit us to witness first hand how we create such unique items.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm

The art of ceramic production

When visiting our workshop, you will see how mud and stone found in the nearby town of Nyeri, is transformed into workable clay which is used in the making of the ceramic products.

In this peaceful environment, trainees are able to learn the guidance from their teachers. Trainees get the opportunity to make pots on the potters wheel and learn about the different glazes that are used in the decoration of the items.

All our items are glazed and decorated with lead free oxide ensuring safety for daily use in conformity of international standards. Once decorated the items are fired in a high temperature electric kiln.

Ceramic Decoration

As seen on our products, The decorations on our items illustrate our unique African style, depicting the lives and landscapes of our area. Besides ceramics and pottery, our trainees learn to paint with oil and water colors on canvas. We also create murals, paintings on canvas and tiles, design postcards, mould statues and create mosaics using broken tiles and other ceramic products.

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